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Portable Neck Fan

Portable Neck Fan

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 Stay Cool, Anytime, Anywhere: Introducing The Ultimate Portable Neck Fan!

Are you tired of overheating in summer or during workouts? Our Portable Neck Fan is the solution to keep you cool and comfortable everywhere you go.

Outstanding Features

Our Portable Neck Fan features two powerful, quiet blades that provide cool air to your face and neck, ensuring you stay comfortable without overheating.

Compact and Lightweight: This fan weighs less than your average smartphone, making it perfect for carrying around all day without discomfort.


 Dual Wind Head: This feature allows for more powerful airflow and can be adjusted 360 degrees, ensuring you're cooled from every angle.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Our neck fan guarantees up to 6 hours of cool, refreshing breeze on a single charge with a powerful inbuilt rechargeable battery.


Three Adjustable Speeds: Whether you need a gentle breeze or a gust of wind, easily switch between three different speeds to find your ideal level of cooling.

USB Charging: No need for disposable batteries. Simply plug your neck fan into any USB port (like your laptop or power bank) to recharge it and stay cool again.


Stylish & Ergonomic Design: Not only is it practical, but our neck fan is also stylishly designed to wear in any setting - from the gym to your office or even on a walk in the park.


Why You'll Love It

Our Portable Neck Fan is a game-changer for anyone who needs to cool down quickly. Whether you're an athlete looking for a cool down after a hard workout, an outdoor worker struggling with the summer heat, or simply someone who enjoys warm-weather outdoor activities - this fan is a must-have.

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